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The ÉCOCEP is an innovative inter-plant machine. Its disc-based design means that it can work around the vine with no need for a feeler system; plus, it benefits from partial hydraulic assistance. This unique concept in the field of mechanical tillage is designed and manufactured by CGC AGRI and patented.

The ÉCOCEP is supplied with 2 discs (perforated or solid), 2 parallelograms, 2 curved steel tubes and 1 hydraulic unit (with 2 accumulators and 2 pressure gauges) controlled by an electronic unit, allowing work to be carried out simultaneously on 2 Before After half-rows or 1 full row.


Working along the same lines as a hydraulic shock absorber, the ÉCOCEP operates using a constant pressure, defined by the user from the control station via the electrical unit. As the system has very modest requirements in hydraulic terms (8 L/min at 40 bars for 10 seconds during calibration), there is no more need for an additional hydraulic unit.
Once the accumulators have been charged, the ÉCOCEP operates autonomously, without using the tractor’s hydraulics; this results in significant fuel savings (average consumption: 4 L/ha – source: French Institute for Vine and Wine – IFV).


Only C45K-type steel, known for its strength and widely used in agricultural machinery for the most demanding tasks, is used in the ÉCOCEP.

The disc (initially configured at an angle of 3° toward the front) is made from HARDOX 500 (used in civil engineering, 3 times more resistant to abrasion than standard steel), enabling frontal penetration into all soil types, prepared or otherwise.

The disc rotates using soil resistance alone and does not require motorization.

Operating speed from 3.5 to 6 km/h.

The absence of feelers enables the system to work all around the vine without damaging it. Feelers are available as an optional extra for work on young plants and/or plants with no stake. The angle of the discs can be changed by a simple spanner manipulation.

All equipment of 25 CV and above is compatible with the ÉCOCEP (mechanical or hydrostatic high-clearance machinery, inter-row tractors, caterpillars, etc.).

A wide variety of tools may be fitted to the ÉCOCEP, such as back-ploughing units, mouldboards, vertical discs, Faka rollers with stainless steel blades, row mowers and de-suckering units, offering a broad range of options to correspond to individual working practices.


The Écocep® was awarded many times :

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