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The Frutteto Basso tractor covers all the needs of specialised agriculture with canopy, pergola or pot-cultivated crops.

The vehicle has a minimum width starting from 1.55m, and can take tyres of either 20" or 24" to meet a variety of needs in terms of vehicle height and traction.

From the platform viewpoint, the 20" and 24" solutions are designed to keep the mud aprons as close as possible to the wheel dimension, with a minimum height of 1250mm from the bonnet and 1000mm from the seat and mud aprons.

The Frutteto Basso tractor models are the 75FB85FB95FB105FB and 115FB, with the new high-performance Stage IIIB FPT engine (3,400hp) with electronic injection. The positioning of the DOC/DPF device outside the bonnet (a solution used by Carraro on all its range) makes this model the lowest of its category. An example of how to combine the latest emission requirements with the need to maintain the limits of bonnet height and operator seat.