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Designed for use in the orchard (the "frutteto", from which it takes its name), this model is increasingly being used for more demanding operations that were once the domain of field machines. 
Thanks to its compactness, light weight and stability, it's also well suited as a machine for carrying out work on the farm, for both handling and transport tasks. 

The Frutteto has both a cab version (1.2m wide) and a version with folding front roll bar, and can take tyres of significant sizes (both 24" and 28"). 

The key elements of this model are its stability (thanks to the lowered centre of gravity), reduced steering anglecompactness and lightness
The Frutteto tractor models are the 75F85F95F105F and 115F, with the new high-performance Stage IIIB FPT engine (3,400hp) with electronic injection - the most compact in its category. On the Frutteto too, the distinguishing feature is that the DOC/DPF device is located outside the bonnet. a choice that has helped maintain the compactness and visibility that are so important in a specialised product.