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Pioneer in the field of the pruning and pre-pruning of the vineyard, CGC AGRI develops and adapts on tractors and straddles his solutions for the vineyard for more than 10 years.

The assembly is made either on a mast (frame), or on a polymast (hydraulic assisted frame) the positioning of the pruning relative to the cockpit offering an excellent visibility on the working zone.

Our machines are equipped with automatic guide on the row, with opening of the hydraulic side heads of cut for your vineyard in unilateral cordon or royat's cordon. The opening in the picket is automatic. The working speed is from 1.5 to 3 km/h according to the disposal.

The CGC AGRI's Precision Pruning Engineering offers a very precise work, with an unbeatable ease of use, while having a moderate cost of maintenance.

" User of the combined pruning / prepruning for 5 year, it is a pleasure every year to use such a tool. As for the mechanical grape harvest, it is not anymore necessary a question to cut by hand except to establish perfectly the planters. Not any falls with quality on the wine, the module is very strong and very manageable, ideally positioned on the right side next to the head without contorting. Well done to the CGC AGRI's team! "

Eric LAURENT, oenologist and wine grower in Martigues (South of France).



The precision pruning is the ideal investment to reduce your costs of pruning and increase your productivity. 

The performances of our product allows to handle 3 hectares a day, with only a tractor and a driver.

Its quality of work provides a cut as close as possible to the cordon (vineyard in unilateral cordon or royat's cordon), with a clear cutting thanks to a high speed of cutting (4600 tr / mn), requiring only few manual resumption.

The pruning of CGC AGRI  is in compliance with safety standards and allows the driver to take back the control at any time.


Thanks to its specific design, CGC AGRI knew how to find the best compromise between speed and working quality for your vineyard in unilateral cordon or royat's cordon.

The CGC AGRI's prepruning offers an optimal cruching of the vine shoots which allows to eliminate the surplus of wood and to reduce the grinding to the ground. The mechanization is thus maximal and the costs are managed.

This material will bring you a great cutting efficiency, leaving very few vine shoots around the picket. The adjustment of the height of cutting is controlled from the cabin and the tightening pressure is hydraulically adjustable.


To increase your productivity, CGC AGRI knew how to ally the technology of its Precision Pruning Engineering and that of its pre-pruning to propose you the most successful tool of its range in terms of quality and efficiency.

A single passage is necessary in your vineyard in unilateral cordon or royat's cordon, briging a consequent saving of time and fuel.

Combined pruning / prepruning can be made up either on simple mast (frame), or on polymast (hydraulic assisted frame).